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Our experience is the first thing that sets us apart from other law firms in North Georgia. DUI attorney Lance McCoy has been practicing law since 1992. He has the skill, knowledge, and expertise to resolve complex legal issues in a professional and competent manner. His thorough understanding of legal principles gives him the added advantage of being able to explain complex areas of law in direct terms that clients can easily understand.


As a friendly, approachable, and committed law firm, we are deeply concerned about the needs of our clients and are sympathetic to the situations they are facing. We value open and honest consultations and endeavor to create an atmosphere that is conducive to such communication.


We have garnered an excellent reputation in Cartersville and the surrounding communities as a criminal and DUI attorney. There is no better way to measure the quality of a legal firm than by asking former clients about the experiences they have had. We truly value each and every client and work to ensure that clients have a positive experience. We have built an excellent reputation in the community and work diligently to be worthy of the compelling endorsements we receive.


We are true to our southern roots and take great pride in standing behind our word. We value honesty and integrity. We are sincere in our compassion and desire to help people and take great pride in knowing we can make a positive contribution in our community. We strive to respect the bounds of law and to uphold the standards set forth therein.

Criminal and DUI Attorney in Cartersville

When looking for experienced criminal defense lawyers in North Georgia, turn to Criminal & DUI Law of Georgia. We welcome you to learn more about our practice areas and to contact us to see how we can provide you with experienced and compassionate legal representation.