DUI After A Holiday Party

The holidays are filled with family parties, office gatherings, social outings, and get-togethers at local restaurants, bars, and pubs. While the holidays are filled with social outings and holiday cheer, there is also an increase in law enforcement road blocks, traffic stops, and increased patrolling. The number of arrests for drunk driving spikes around a holiday.

Even if you have just a few drinks, you could be arrested with driving under the influence in Georgia. While we never recommend risking driving after a few drinks, if you have been arrested for driving under the influence, it’s important to seek legal representation from an experienced DUI attorney.

What to do if You Get a DUI After a Holiday Party

If you are arrested for DUI after a holiday party, it’s important to contact an experienced DUI attorney right away. An experienced DUI attorney will walk you through the entire process and explain each step so that you have the best chance at keeping your driver’s license

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